Courses and Mentorship for Freedom-Seeking Virtual Assistants

Welcome to GrowthFocus

We provide education and mentorship to first-time freelancers and virtual assistants.

Founded by a serial entrepreneur and a freelancing career expert, GrowthFocus is what you need to take your solopreneur story from start to scale. In an ever-changing digital world, mentorship guarantees that you’ll be more prepared in your digital business.

Self-investment is the key to a successful service-based business. Whether you take one of our courses to prepare you for your next venture or you sign up to receive mentorship from us, you can trust that you’ll not only see, but feel the return on your investment;


Here at GrowthFocus, emerging entrepreneurs, like you, can feel safe to ask all of the questions, dream really big, and get support from experts every step of the way.

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Mentors for Every Growth Phase

With Liz’s background in starting and scaling businesses in different industries, and Danielle’s expertise in freelance career development, we’ll meet you wherever you are and guide you to success in your business.

Who We Mentor

Emerging Entrepreneurs

You’re new to the digital world and you need help identifying your skills and opportunities.

Virtual Assistants

You want to build out your digital business, establish your service offerings, and create finance goals.


We’ll help you choose the right writing path, analyze your industry’s insights, and set you apart from the others.

Graphic Designers

You’re ready to take your hobby and turn it into your income. We’ll help you set up your business from rates to presenting your work.

Website Builders

From helping you package your services to creating retainer opportunities to keep you booked and paid, we’ll guide you through your growth.

Passion Pivoters

When you’ve already created your service-based-biz but you’re feeling like it’s time to make a move in a new direction, we’ll strategize with you and map out your plan.

The Fearless Founders of GrowthFocus

Meet, Liz Illg

With 8+ years of entrepreneurial experience under her belt and business planning strategies, Liz is going to help you scale your service-based business in an organized and innovative way.

Meet, Danielle Demi

After starting her freelancing career as a blog writer, Danielle quickly grew through the solopreneur ranks, and learned how to master standing out in a competitive digital market.

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Freelancer Resources

We have a full collection of resources for you to use while you’re growing your service-based biz.

Full-Time to Freedom Virtual Assistant Basics Course

Your learner’s guide to breaking into the freelancing world as a virtual assistant.

Latest Blog

Free tools and techniques on how to start freelancing or how to grow your solopreneur business.