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In early 2020, Liz desperately needed to find someone to help her run her growing digital business so she hired Danielle to be her Project Manager. After only months of working together, the two became inseparable and a business duo to be reckoned with. Liz had hired and trained freelancers in her business and realized a strong need for career mentorship in the digital space. Danielle had already worked her way up in the freelancing world and grew her own service-based business, so they joined forces to be the mentors the digital world desperately needed.

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You have a gift, we’ll help you unveil it.

Whether you know it or not, you have a unique gift that the world is waiting for you to share. Now is the time to take that gift and turn it into work that fulfills you, provides financial freedom and allows you to keep growing.

Freelancing and solopreneurship allow you to take ownership of who you are, what you love to do, and do work that lights you up.

If you’re at the starting line or you’ve made a few laps around the freelancing sun, we want to work with you to structure your business for sustainable growth and work-life harmony. 

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More about Danielle

The Freelancing Career Map Expert

After growing up with two corporate, nine-to-five working parents, Danielle always wished her parents had more time to spend with her. She promised herself that when she grew up, she’d have a career that didn’t force her to choose between a job and her family. Directly after college, Danielle started blog writing and got her first taste of freelance writing. After replacing her full-time job with freelance jobs like writing and being a virtual assistant, she became unstoppable. Prior to meeting Liz, Danielle had already grown into a management level in the digital world and a CEO adviser. Danielle specializes in mentoring first-time and first-year digital entrepreneurs.

Danielle Demi

Danielle’s Solopreneur Story


Graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations


Started a blog-writing side hustle


Ditched the 9-5 life to write blogs and became a virtual assistant


Became a Project Manager and Social Media Manager


Became a CEO Adviser & Joined Liz’s Team as a Project Manager


Founded GrowthFocus

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We have a full collection of resources for you to use while you’re growing your service-based biz.

Full-Time to Freedom Virtual Assistant Basics Course

Your learner’s guide to breaking into the freelancing world as a virtual assistant.

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Free tools and techniques on how to start freelancing or how to grow your solopreneur business.

More about Liz

The Business Growth Expert

Liz started her first business in 2013, a pet grooming storefront. In 2020, Liz expanded that business to its sixth location. Aside from starting and scaling a brick and mortar business, Liz began her digital business journey in 2019, when she started her consulting business. In 2020, she expanded her consulting business into a small agency. Liz has the Midas touch when it comes to business planning. She has a fearless attitude and an appetite for success. Because she’s grown businesses in different industries, Liz specializes in helping solopreneurs plan for growth in their digital business.

Liz Illg

Liz’s Solopreneur Story


Graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership


Started her first business, Puff & Fluff Spa in Phoenix, Arizona


Started her digital business, Liz Illg Consulting after growing Puff & Fluff to 5 locations


Expanded her brick and mortar biz to its 6th location


Expanded her consulting business to a boutique marketing agency


Founded GrowthFocus

We’ll make sure your business is firmly rooted for maximum growth.

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