This is Full-Time to Freedom, the Course

How to Start Your Virtual Assistant Business

This is your wake-up call.

You were meant for more than punching the clock in an office or counting the days until the weekend.
Your work-life balance dreams can come true if you learn how to turn your skills into income. We’re going to teach you how.

This Course was Designed for Freedom-Seekers

With 7 full chapters of freelancing fundamentals, we’re going to teach you how to start your virtual assistant business, how to get clients, and how to prepare your portfolio.

Understand the Essentials of Freelancing

A GrowthFocus course for virtual assistants

Prepare for Client Expectations

virtual assistant basics course by Growthfocus

Get Ready for Your First Opportunity

7 Chapters
Your course will include freelancing fundamentals video lessons, written instructions, exercises, and bonus training like creating a personal brand and understanding your audience on social media!

It’s time to stop waiting and start your virtual assistant business now.

The Full-Time to Freedom Course

is an online course designed to help first-time freelancers start their digital business as virtual assistants, so they can leave their 9-5 lifestyle and embrace work-life-passion.

Growthfocus virtual assistant course
Meet Your Mentors

Freelancing Career Experts

We’re transferring years of experience and business-building expertise to your brain! Instead of navigating this new career territory alone, let us help you.

Virtual Assistant mentor Growthfocus
Virtual assistant mentor growthfocus

Creating a Professional Experience as a VA

The key to a successful freelancing Virtual Assistant business is the experience you create for your client. We’re going to teach you how to make a powerful and lasting first-impression as a solopreneur.


Your Digital Virtual Assistant Essentials

As a VA, you’ll be responsible for tasks like email management and light graphics creation. We’re going to teach you how to complete your duties with confidence. We’ll teach you how to customize your email signature and how to communicate professionally.


Get Ready for Research

You’ll be doing a ton of learning as you grow your Virtual Assistant business so we’ll teach you what to expect for your first opportunities and how to become a researching pro.


Finding Your Strengths & Expertise

You have gifts and skills that need to be shared with your client! We’re going to help you discover what those talents are and how to make that your brand.


Creating Samples of Your Work

We’ll teach you how to put your portfolio together with the experience you have and the skills you’ve mastered. You’ll be prepared to apply for Virtual Assistant opportunities right away!


Finding Clients as a Virtual Assistant

This is one of the areas first-time freelancers struggle in and we’re going to help you leap over the hurdle with client-finding strategies and marketing ideas.


Graduation & Application

Get ready to unlock your potential and apply your skills in your Virtual Assistant business! Goodbye, 9-5, hello FREEDOM!

Freedom is calling your name.

Time is slipping away while you postpone your dream life. Be the grow-getter that said NO to an unfulfilling career and YES to the freedom lifestyle.

full-time to freedom growthfocus course

Get in-depth tutorials in virtual assistant areas like:

Email Management
Client Relations
Personal Branding
Light Graphics Creation
Social Media Management
Professional Communication


This course’s value is incomparable.

When you enroll RIGHT NOW, you’ll have all of this at your fingertips:

Just think about how long it’d take you to get this experience on your own!

We know how hard it can be to get started as a freelancer, so we’re giving you the fundamentals you need to avoid putting off your dream life any longer.

A concept you’ll hear us talk about often: self-investment. In order to unlock the career you’re daydreaming about, you’ll need to invest in your growth. It’s going to require monetary investments and time commitment but your happiness is worth every minute of it.

How much are you willing to invest in career freedom?

Seven Lessons

15+ Video Trainings

Course Benchmarks

Enroll in the course and learn how to finally leave your 9-5 and start your own business. You’ve silenced your dreams for long enough.