Full-Time to Freedom Virtual Assistant Basics Course

Made for the grow-getter that’s finally ready to start their freelancing business.

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Time to start your freelancing business and escape the corporate trap!

You’ve waited long enough. All of those days spent looking at your desk clock, time slipping away, and still, you haven’t made it out of that 9-5 life. The perfect moment is here! This course is exactly what you’ve been needing to break into the virtual world and to start your virtual assistant business. 

These are the foundations you need to build a successful virtual assistant business.


FULL-TIME to FREEDOM Virtual Assistant Basic Course

Let’s get real

You’ve heard all of the buzz about ditching the 9-5 and finding freedom but you’ve hit a wall when it comes to actually start your own thing. 

The best way to start your freelancing career is by becoming a virtual assistant.

As a virtual assistant, you’ll get hands-on experience in the digital marketing world in areas like:

  • Email Management
  • Client Relations
  • Light Graphics Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Virtual Team Communication
  • And more.

But you can’t start a VA business before you learn the foundational elements like creating a personal experience and communicating professionally.

This course has it all!

You’re here on purpose. Take that leap of faith!

What’s Included

This course will teach you the essential skills and tools needed to prepare you for your virtual assistant business.

In addition to the lessons on fundamental platforms, you’ll also learn how to identify your ideal client and zone in on your niche. 

How this course is different –

A successful entrepreneur, Liz, provides her success-proven personal experience method to captivate clients online. 

A seasoned freelancer, Danielle, shares her knowledge of tools and technology basics for first-time freelancers. 

You’re getting real advice from real people who have been in your shoes. 

Being a first-time freelancer isn’t easy to navigate on your own and to further support you, you’ll get a private direct message thread on Instagram for unlimited questions + answers for 2 weeks after you’ve purchased the course.

Ready to jump in?

Your Full-Time to Freedom Course Enrollment Includes

  • Unlimited Course Access (Chapters 1 – 6)
  • Bonus Lesson Videos (Personal Brand Training, Understanding Your Audience Training)
  • Fillable Course Journal Download
  • 2-Week Access Private Direct Message Thread on Instagram
  • 25% OFF Coupon to use in the GrowthFocus Market (Online shop)

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  • Creating Your Personal Experience

    Chapter 1

    The difference between a successful and unsuccessful freelancing business is your personal experience. We’re going to teach you how to put your core values at the forefront of your service-based biz.

  • Your Digital Essentials

    Chapter 2

    We’ll show you the top platforms to familiarize yourself with and how to use them for maximum impact. We spotlight G-Mail, project management tools, and Canva.

  • Educating Yourself

    Chapter 3

    To be a successful solopreneur, you’ll need to become a forever student. We’re going to teach you more about what that means and how to excel in it. 

  • Finding Your Strengths + Niches

    Chapter 4

    We’ll help you soul-search to identify your sparkling strengths and uncover WHO it is you should be serving.

  • Showcasing Samples of Your Work

    Chapter 5

    We’re going to teach you how to put together samples of your work in a polished and professional portfolio.

  • Graduation + Application

    Chapter 6

    We’re going to cover “what’s next” and what to do with your new knowledge, tool kit, and passion for freedom!


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Six Lessons

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This course is for you if you’ve been thinking: How do I start a freelancing virtual assistant business?  How can I leave my 9-5?  How can I stand out in the freelancing world?  What can I expect as a virtual assistant in the digital marketing world? 

Stop waiting. Take a leap of faith and get started!

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