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Is a Freelance Business Career the Right Move for You?

2020 has been a life-changer, to say the least. Whether it made you think about a freelance business career because you saw your life flash before your eyes or your furlough has you searching for a fresh career start, more people are considering freelancing instead of traditional employment.

Maybe you weren’t furloughed but you made a transition to fully remote work and now you’re comfortable and want to work in your jammies forever. Freedom and work-life balance are offered in freelancing careers and people like you are loving it!

Here are a few reasons a freelance business career could be right for you.

Some Jobs Aren’t as “Secure” as They Once Were

No industry was excluded from the effects of COVID-19. Big corporations and companies furloughed their entire workforce when the pandemic took the world by storm. People who had spent their lives climbing the company ladder lost everything. 

While corporate jobs and traditional employment were once seen as secure, things have certainly changed. When thinking about your career, consider skill security. When you build your career on skills that you possess, it allows you to pivot with changing times and you’ll be solely responsible for your career’s future.

With a Freelance Business Career, no matter what the environment or industry is looking like, you can take your skills to the next job, client, or contract.

Freelancing Offers You a Wider Reach of Job Opportunities

When you’re working in a corporate structure or in a traditional career, you typically apply for a single job in a single company in a single location. With a freelancing business career, you’re able to apply for more jobs if you need more work and more money.

Being self-employed allows you to reach more clients with your business and work on multiple accounts at once.

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Self-Employment Encourages Evolvement

In traditional careers, it can be hard for individuals to grow with their careers. It may take them years to reach the next level in their industry, or in their workplace. It may take staying in the same job title for months, or years before it’s acceptable to be promoted to a higher level or to a different job title.

With freelancing, you can decide if you want to break into a new industry, learn a new skill, offer something new, and you don’t need to wait for someone to tell you when it’s time to grow.

A Freelance Business Career Can Keep You Engaged and Motivated

When, every day, week, and each month is different for freelancers, it can take away the routine environment that you may be accustomed to in traditional employment. Because you’re constantly changing with the times, you’ll constantly be strategizing, and staying relevant in your industry.

If you’re a person who’s felt burnt out as a traditional employee because of routine tasks, freelancing provides a fresh, energizing daily grind. 

When You’re Self-Employed, You Decide Where Your Money Goes

When you’re a traditional employee, your payment structure might be organized in a way that may not benefit you, individually. When you’re self-employed, you’re responsible for paying your own taxes, healthcare, and expenses (which is seen as a downside of freelancing by some) however, the beauty is: you decide where your money goes!

You can be the manager of your own career, your finances, your freedom, and your life.

You Set Your Own Pay Rate in a Freelance Business Career

Unlike traditional employment, freelancing pay rates are based on experience and skill level, meaning you can set your own pay rate based on your individual skills! You don’t need to wait for someone to authorize a pay increase or make you eligible for a higher yearly income.

While this may require industry research and some data-crunching, setting your own pay rate can feel so liberating.

While freelancing does come with challenges and hurdles, for people that value freedom, independence, and self-sufficiency, freelancing can be a fulfilling alternative to traditional careers.

If you need help identifying what your freelancing career can look like, or how to create a service-based business based on skills you have, schedule a Growth Guidance Session today!

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